About Us

We are starting a dental revolution

Our vision

Our vision is to simplify oral hygiene for everyone, everywhere.

Ideally, staying clean between the teeth is a matter of continuity and healthy habits. In reality, there are barriers for proper oral hygiene, related to time, capability and social domain.

Only a minority follow the dentist’s advice on flossing regularly.


We are starting up. The team is small and dynamic.




Engineer with 15 years experience from product development in various companies.
Co-founder and dentist

Dag Audun

Co-founder and dentist
Dentist with 17 years experience. Private practice: www.oslo-tannlege.no
Co-Founder and Markering


Co-Founder and Markering & Sales
Entrepreneur with many years experience with start-ups and business management.

Giving back

Star Floss AS is the ltd company we set up to commercialize CrossFloss. It will be the company’s first product and we all hope this will be the start of a great adventure. As founders and inventors we feel privileged to be given the opportunity to fulfill and live out our dreams. We know that this is not the case for everyone and that is why we put in a clause in the founding documents of the company:

10% of the company profit will be given to charity on  a yearly basis

This clause is contractually binding and we hope to be able to support organizations that focus on dental care in the third world. As mentioned by WHO, Oral health is essential to general health. But the fact is that most people in the world suffer from poor oral health and do not have proper access to basic dental care services. 


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